Another brilliant mind to the team!

As the headline states we have a new member in our team! His name is Dan and he is a Unity-programmer and just what this project needs. A few weeks back, even before we were accepted into the incubator program we started the recruiting process to find a programmer. We were looking for a problem-solver and someone who would get excited about the challenge and idea. After a few interviews we found Dan and we felt he was the right person for Planet of Lana. He must have thought we were an odd team at first though. Since we held the interview in our living room at 21pm with a baby staring at him.

We actually set up all the interviews like this thinking that it wouldn’t be strange at all. After the first interview we realized that this might not be the easiest situation for the job applicant… But at the same time whoever would join the team would need to get used to the reality of a family-run business with kids involved.

Dan has an interesting background as a history teacher who switched careers and became a game developer. He has worked on some great games with Itatake and on his free time he works on some secret ideas of his own. He also published a book a few years back! He is basically a box full of surprises. He signed his contract monday morning and literally hit the ground running, being Lana the one running, on a ground, in a computer… Anyway, he’s doing great work and we’re really happy to have him here. We’ll take closer look at Dan and his work further down the road!

As you know we moved in to our new office last week. Remember the picture with Adam, the water taps and the concrete walls? Well it’s not like we have made a complete office makeover but it looks a lot better now, don’t you think? Next step should probably be some wall art or paint. A baby bouncer would be nice too. Ebba is getting too comfy on that sofa.

You probably all wonder about the progress of the game. So here we go, we’re putting a lot of effort into Lana, our main character. Most movements are in place, such as walking, turning and jumping but they need to be put together and also made into a playable form. So Dan is focusing on getting her into Unity with the movements that we have ready. Olle is animating more of Lana’s movements and while Adam is assisting Dan with the initial Unity set-up, Maria is all over the place ticking of the administrative to do’s. We'll be sharing more game updates soon.

Ciao ciao!

Maria & Adam

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