Back from Sweden Game Conference!

As anticipated, the preparations and the actual conference left us with no time for anything else. It felt like we went into a dark cave a week and a half ago and we’re just coming out now!

When getting the thumbs up from the Game Incubator we were already running late with the preparations. We could have been planning the event for months but instead we were left with two weeks. But no complaints. After a quick brainstorm we decided to recreate a living room in the booth showing Lana’s animation cycles on the TV. We decided to give away lollipops as a bribe and to design a kick-ass roll-up to draw attention. What do you think?


Back home the grandparents took turns taking care of Cleo. We couldn’t have done it without them! Thank you!

Thanks to our beautiful artwork and our giggling baby we managed to attract the conference visitors and make them stop at our booth. We got to explain the vision for our project and since we couldn’t offer anything playable we let people sign up to the newsletter to get notified when the demo gets out and when the game is released. We spoke to gamers and fellow developers, investors and publishers, students and teachers, researchers and journalists. We exchanged business cards, made friends, and met our future fans. All in all it was a great hit. Even though we ended up with sore backs and completely exhausted we started off the week with more energy than ever. Specially when this article in The Daily Mirror landed in our inbox:

Another perk of attending the conference was that we got the chance to try out a lot of other great games. You should definitely check out Verlet Swing by Flamebait Games on steam. Fightworld by Rekt Games was really nice as well. The Wall Show by Ministry of Broadcast,  Robbotto and Source of Madness were other great games that we tried. And all the rest that we didn’t get the chance to try we hope to catch somewhere else.

Now we have a demo to work on and some meetings to prepare for!

Next we’ll give you some new artwork and animations.

Have a great day!

Maria & Adam

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