Happy new year!

So sorry about this huge delay! We’ve been busy with other stuff basically. So much has happened and not sure where to start.

We’ve had a few meetings to prepare for. Our plan has been to create a vertical slice of the game and then get a publishing deal or an investor. And even if there is plenty of time until then, we’ve started conversations with potential future partners.

Other than that we had to throw some code and some design out the window. We know it sounds harsh and it is! But after testing a prototype and after getting some valuable feedback we decided to make some major changes to the animation and control system. We had started out with a 2d character animation and control system that was built around a grid-system similar to the systems of old classics such as Prince of Persia 1 and Oddworld.

But now we’ve decided to create 3d characters and animations that will help achieve a more dynamic animation system and give us more freedom with the game design. Check out 3D Lana at the top! We're still keeping the 2d-look of the characters though. This change meant that we had to kill our darlings and start over with most of our development from the last 3 months. But looking ahead this will make our game much better and we feel really good about the pivot. 

During the last couple of weeks we have been working with re-structuring our team and production plan to make this change. As well as going back to re-think the game design.

Because of this our team has grown, and that’s really cool! We’re feeling a bit like Ocean’s eleven, gathering super-people from all over the place getting them hooked on our idea. We’ll introduce them properly later on but just to give you a sneak peak we have Klas Martin Eriksson, a storytelling wizard and our new script writer and co-director. Dan Faxe who is the second Dan on the team (confusing to say the least), who is a 3D rigging and animations expert. And last but not least Christian Enfors who has many talents but right now he is working on the game design together with Adam.

Since we also have a family to manage we've decided to slow things down a bit, to ensure quality of the pre-production while still having a healthy family life. We realised that during the past 3 months we have pushed ourselves a bit to hard and we need a better balance going forward. Our little baby was tagging along keeping still, now she is all over the place and it’s harder to achieve anything substantial while she is awake.This is why we’ve had to slow our blog activity down a bit, but we’ll try to give you updates every other month while being more active on social media.

Anyway, exciting times lie ahead as we move into proper production of the vertical slice in January. Until then, we'll enjoy christmas holidays in Kalmar, and if Cleo gets to choose, we'll dress up as knights and have daily sword fights at the castle.

Happy new year everyone! 

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