Quick newsflash - we’re going to Sweden Game Conference!

The latest news is that we’ve been asked to join the Game Incubator at Sweden Game Conference starting on the 17th of October! During the three day conference and the additional festival day we will have a 2x3 meters booth where we will talk to anyone passing by. We’ll also attend talks by interesting speakers and socialize with other game devs. The full schedule is not out yet but we’re guessing we’ll be busy from dawn to dusk. The conference will be hosted by Sweden Game Arena at the Arena Skövde so there will be some traveling up the european route E20 again! Logistically we need to learn from old mistakes and work on the perfect family set-up. Ebba is tagging along, that’s a given. If you haven’t figured it out already she’s not being bottle fed, not because we don’t want to but because we’re too lazy to insist… So she will probably be the youngest attendee at SGC and definitely the most indifferent one. For Cleo we have recruited some kick-ass babysitters in form of her grandparents. Three of them will be uniting their forces to keep the little piglet alive and happy during 4 days. We’ll probably come home some nights and take shifts at the conference but the grandparents will be well needed!

Figuring out the kids-situation for the conference was a big relief. Now we just have to make plans on how to fill our booth and what to give our by-passers! We have some ideas but we’ll keep them secret for now… If you’re planning on going there or just happen to be in Skövde, please come by to say hi! There will be candy in our booth, promise. Here is some inspiration from last years event.

We’ll probably have no time to post anything before the event. But we’ll try to update you on our instagram. If not we’ll be back after the show!

So long! Xoxo

Adam & Maria

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