The Game Incubator

We're off to boot camp!

So first of all, we’re finally ready to reveal our latest big news. We have been selected to participate in The Game Incubator! The Game Incubator is a business acceleration program that  aims to expand the game industry in Sweden. The program consists of several phases with high profile professionals of the industry looking into your game production and business development. Basically we’ll get advice, we’ll attend workshops, we get to be a part of a great network and a lot more! Tomorrow we’ll leave for a two day boot camp and we’ll tell you more about the actual program after that.

Our first reaction to this was obviously, YAY! And the second one was, YAY!! But then it hit us, two days boot camp in another city, what about the kids?! As you all know by now, we are parents of two little piglets. If you don’t have kids this might come as a shock but there not like cats. They actually need to be supervised at all times. And that means that one of us is constantly in charge of either one or two kids. Cleo is big enough for daycare so she is being supervised by someone else 6 hours a day, 4 days a week but Ebba, well she is basically attached to Maria! Anyway, we had to make a few phone calls and plan a bit extra but in the end Ebba will tag along in her baby carrier and Cleo is going to spend a straight 10 hours at daycare 2 days in a row. Lucky for us she loves it there and also she will be delighted by having grandpa picking her up.

Back to the game progress. As we confessed in the last post, Adam couldn’t stop working on that grass. Well, at least it resulted in some kick ass grass animations! Or what do you think? We think we got a really nice vibe to it adding to the atmosphere we’re looking for in the game.

Anyway, time to relax a bit before bed time. Let’s hope that Ebba enjoys boot camp tomorrow and doesn’t spontaneously vomit on other participants.

Have a great week all!

Maria & Adam

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