New animator, rain and routines

We’re back again!

Right now we’re trying to work as much as we can on the game but at the same time we’re hanging out with the kiddies and juggling other work that pays our bills and feed our children.

But first things first! We are super excited to present Olle! \o/ He’s the guy in the picture. Olle is a really talented 2d animator and he excels in cel animation (imagine frame by frame Disney animations). He's going to put his magic touch on the game between all the other awesome gigs he's doing. He’s a perfect fit for the game and we couldn’t be happier about him helping us out. Check out his other amazing work at

Olle’s help means that Adam should be putting more time into drawing levels and making concept art. But turns out he has geeked out about the grass animations of the game. Apparently, there are a lot of good references on Youtube... It turns out that people upload random videos of grass blowing in the wind all the time!

Maria is trying to work with Ebba-the-drooler on her hip. This has resulted in a fully functional twitter account that we now also know how to use. We’ve got 22 followers! Yay!

Otherwise, routines have started to settle in after the longest summer ever. Cleo has started her daycare and september is bringing out the best of Gothenburg. Rain, rain and rain. And wind that blows you sideways. Not the most lovable traits of this city but Cleo is happy about it, running and jumping through every puddle she can find. Ok, it's not always raining...


And so to the mandatory cliff-hanger! We received some exciting news today, but we need to keep them to ourselves for just a little bit longer.

Thanks for tuning in, peace and love!

Maria & Adam

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