Wishful Whale is moving into new premises

Finally got some time to tell you about the latest updates and last week’s boot camp. Boot camp last week was great! At 6:45 we stumbled out of the door with both kids. Cleo wondered why she left the house with no breakfast and Ebba was still in her PJ’s looking happy as usual. The two hour car-ride could easily have turned into three with the usual feeding and diaper-changing stops, and despite catching a massive cold during the night, Ebba didn’t complain at all and let us get there right on time.


Both days were packed with important information and workshops. We got to meet the other teams in our batch and the staff members. All teams had great ideas and it was really interesting to listen to them. The Game Incubator is active both in Skövde and in Gothenburg and has been running for longer up in Skövde. For more info on the incubator follow this link.  Arriving home on friday evening we were both exhausted so we decided to take the weekend off. Well, we did invite Olle and his family over for dinner so I guess we slipped into chats about Lana and her jump animation at some point. But we also spent a full day in the forest picking mushrooms!

Starting this business together is a lot of work and it will take some time to find the perfect balance. It would be so easy to talk about work all the time but then it actually helps to have kids! They force us not to work all the time, and not talk about work all the time. They keep us from over-working really. But we are definitely still finding our ways through this. The plan now is to have quite strict working and non working hours. When we work we work but when we’re off, we’re really off.

So to the big news! On monday morning after the relaxing week-end we tuned into work mode and stuffed the car with computers, cords and paperwork and drove ten minutes across the bridge to our new office! After the kick off last week we decided to move into the Game Incubator. So we got our own little room but share the house with a bunch of other start-ups and game developers. It was great to just hang around and chat to people about their ideas and how they are managing. It really feels good to be in that kind of environment where everybody is there to make their dreams happen. Everyone seems so eager to share and are really helpful. We’ve definitely found our place.


It will take some time to make our space cosy and creative but so far we love our little concrete room with random water taps. We'll show you the “after" pictures when we've come a bit further on the decorating project. By the way, decorating ideas are highly appreciated! It’s probably just a pinterest board away but if you have any ideas feel free to share.

So that’s all for now. We’re going away on a big family reunion over the weekend, wish us luck on that! But we’ll talk more next week. Last but not least, leave us a note or a comment! We’d love to hear from you.

Xoxo Maria & Adam

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